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DonorHQ gives you one suite of more than 40 integrated nonprofit and productivity applications for your entire organization. Simply turn on an app to improve a process. Then connect multiple apps so different teams can work together to delight donors, manage donors and dollars, work productively and organizational management.

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Showcase of Features

100% developed by us, no more messy 3rd party integrations and separate systems!

Not just your average CRM. We’re not only capturing all of your donor’s details, but we’ll also provide insight, smart analytics and automatic suggestions with our AI.

We feel every organization should have access to the best, so we’ve built in Peer-to-Peer, Crowdfunding, Online Web Forms and Text-to-Give all as a standard!

Mobile giving combines smartphone technology and fundraising with complete ease of use!

Our powerful email marketing provides easy to use built-in HTML editors along with essential email tracking, scheduling and smart automation.

We know how important events are. Easily post, promote & sell tickets online for your events and then check them in with our smart QR code feature.

No more notepads and busy excel sheets, start managing your organization’s grants in a simple, quick and intuitive way.

Let us do all the heavy lifting. Automate your donor outreach and engagement efforts so you can recoup more time towards your cause!

Report Builder

With builtin powerful reports, we give crucial data with simplicity and ease. Also, use our custom report builder for any combination of data. Knowledge is power!

As easy as 1-2-3, our custom payment processor does all the crunching and routing right to your bank account!

What else can it do?

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Text-to-Give Fundraising

Online Donation Forms

Donor Scoring System

Donor Engagement

Donor Retention and Insights

Engagement Automation


Donor Smart Tags

Advanced Batch Entry

User Security and Permissions

Advanced Reports and Builder

Gift and Pledge Donations

Accounting Integrations

Online Registrations and QR Codes

Donor Auto Receipting


GL-Code Tracking System


The DonorHQ team is a blend of nonprofit professionals, change catalyst and techies! The concept was simple, we all worked with and/or for nonprofits and saw there were no good fundraising platforms that did it all. Everyone was using a CRM, then a separate email marketing system and separate events system, etc. The website didn’t connect to the system and the email marketing didn’t sync to anything. Bottom-line, nothing talked, it was a broken system. The pricing was also so convoluted, so many tiers, so many paid extras and so many hidden fees. DonorHQ was born, one all-inclusive fundraising platform. A simple intuitive all encompassing platform built to connect, engage and inspire!

We feel the DonorHQ difference is simple, we provide all essential features along with all the new technologies to leverage the highest results. All of our features and solutions are designed, developed and built in-house. We strongly believe every nonprofit deserves the best tools to help make their cause more successful, so we include everything for one of the lowest rates in the industry.

Our team is continuously improving and developing new solutions to help nonprofits succeed in the modern day world. Leveraging the best technologies allows for a simple and intuitive process for both the organization and their donors. Translation: Higher donor retention, higher donor engagement, more donor dollars and ultimately more resources for the cause!


We believe everyone deserves a chance, DonorHQ will donate our platform for those in need. Please contact us to see if you are eligible!

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