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Giving habits are changing, with donors preferring personalized engagement over mass request. The challenge lies in creating relevant, useful, and current content to keep your donor pool happy. Automation goes long way in helping you achieve this—nurture and engage your potential and current donors with highly personalized content, and win more happy hearts.


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Set up workflows for enhanced targeting and personalization. Interacting with your donors regularly can build trust and organizational recognition. With workflows, you can segment your mailing list and custom groups based on the information you have about your donors and engage them by sending content that is pertinent to them.

Create new personalized messages or use premade templates (email or text messages) and add them to your automation workflow.

Whether your workflow is for one donor, a group or the board of directors, add your target groups to the automation workflow.

Assign a time and date to each automated message and let the platform do all the heavy lifting for you!

Send reminders to your donors about your cause, projects, or any time-critical information using our automation. You can also use this automation to send them birthday, anniversary and hoilday wishes.

Holiday and seasonal donations can be crucial to the nonprofits bottom line. That is when donors give and are most generous. Send out season’s greetings, holiday wishes, and special thank yous to your donors with the automation tools.

You might want to cater to different sets of donors at various stages of your engagement cycle(s). Plan a lead nurturing campaign or a donor engagement program with workflows to communicate and create a good rapport with both your current and potential donors!

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